Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Finally Tried Out Copics Today!

I attended the San Jose Rubber Stamp Convention today. I actually forgot that today was Rubberama (not called that anymore...see the end of my post for an embarrassing story). For the last few years it's been held in a location that is less than 10 minutes from my house! I didn't get there until 2 PM, but I still had a good time.

It would've been a good chance to meet those of you who live in this area. I didn't think of organizing that until I was driving over. Duh!

I finally tried out Copics today! The make-n-take table at the Stamp on Over booth was this large tag with a Tilda stamp.
Irina teaches at Stamp on Over in Sunnyvale. I had fun using Copics. Thanks, Irina!

My Most Embarrassing Use of a Work Computer for Non Work Purposes

Several years ago I was at work. I knew the stamping convention was coming up, but I wasn't sure of the exact dates. Back then, the show was called Rubberama. Since I can remember, it's always been put together by A Stamp in the Hand. Instead of going to their company's website, I assumed the URL was Very bad assumption! As soon as I typed that, a Pandora's box of bad porn pictures kept popping up on my screen. Luckily, I had my own office. I kept cancelling the windows, but new ones kept popping up. I was sweating. I closed my door and tried killing the window from the Task Manager. Nothing seemed to work. I had to physically turn off my PC. Oh my! When I turned the PC back on, it was back to normal. Whew!


Catherine said...

WHAT?!? A rubber stamp convention 1/2 hour away from where i live and i didn't even know about it :(
And i would love to learn how to use my copics, love your card :)

LOL on your most embarrassing moment at work. A co-worker of mine have the same situation, she's an older vietnamese lady and wanted to check out a site (can't even remember what site it was) but when all kind of port window start popping she started screaming and crying...i feel so bad for her but it was funny the same time.

Next year you have to remind me about the convention :)

Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog for the Scallop Edge Sizzix Die Box. I just realized you must live close by. I'm over in West San Jose. I teach at Memories Live On every 2nd Saturday of the month... stop by if you get the chance and say "hi"! Irina's just fantastic, isn't she? I love that girl! If I didn't have 2 little boys to watch full time, I would be taking her classes! lol!

chloe said...

I love your card! That image is super sweet!
What a crack up story about Ruberrama!!I knew as soon as you said "embarrassing story" where it was gonna go...that says something for me doesnt it!! At least noone walked in on you and thought you were up to something dodgy!!

Stacey Schafer said...

Amazing work with your new copics:) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I'd love it you would participate in the Jewelry Color Inspiration challenge sometime:)

Erum Tasneem said...

That would have been a sight to see! lol
Thats a cute tag! Congrats on using your copics!

Lydia Fiedler said...

HAHAAH!! Hilarious.

PS - wanted to pop in and say congrats for winning the W&P blog candy! Hope you're doing great!!

Enjoli said...

Very very cute Tilda! =) Love how you colored her with your Copics! =)

Angie Tieman said...

What a cool tag! I've been determined not to get sucked into the Copics world, but things like this make it harder and harder!!

Your rubberama story is toooo funny! Thanks for the big chuckle!

Sankari W. said...

oh anthonette! that story is just hilarious!! totally had me cracking up!! your card is beautiful and your copic coloring is great! how was it - always wanted to try it but it seemed so hard.... i wish i lived closer to go to a convention with you and all the fun ladies in blogland!!!
best wishes,
Sankari :)