Thursday, November 4, 2010

How To Videos From PSA Essentials

Hey there! Just a quick blog post since I'm running late to help set up the book fair at school. I'm pretty excited because I'm flying out tomorrow morning to Seattle...just me! While I'm going to miss my 2 favorite guys, I'm visiting one of my best friends, Ericka. Ericka has been inviting us to Seattle for years, but this is my first trip to the city. On Saturday morning, we are taking two A Muse Artstamps classes from Her Royal Rubberness (love that nickname), Julie Ebersole. It will be a thrill to meet her. I've admired her work (and sense of humor) for quite some time, so I can't wait. Besides the classes, there will be sightseeing, shopping, making cards in Ericka's studio, and meeting some of her friends.

Before I go, I wanted to let you know about some great videos that Libby at PSA Essentials created:



Two Happy Stampers said...

Have a great time, Anthonette!! It sounds wonderful! =)

Silvia said...

Enjoy your trip and have fun! Thanks for the link to the videos. I just watched them, they're great!