Saturday, February 14, 2009

WHOO Loves You?

I made these after seeing a link on How About Orange (I love her blog!) to Better Homes and Gardens. Here's a link to the Whoo Loves You card. There is a down loadable pattern for all the pieces on the card (minus the 3 small hearts). I used some older BasicGrey paper my friend Ericka gave me last year.

Edited to Add: here's another location for the owl template from Scrapbooks, Etc.

Our early dinner plans didn't quite work out today. We arrived at the
Cheesecake Factory around 4:30 PM for an early dinner. The lobby was jammed with many people. We didn't even ask how long the wait would be....had to be way over an hour! We shopped at the mall. Took Kalino to the Lego store for the first time. He had a mini meltdown. He wanted the larger Star Wars don't think so. He had a budget of $10 (Grandma & Grandpa set him money for Valentine's Day). We are trying to help him learn the value of a dollar. He finally picked out a cool helicopter....the drama. Oh my!

We decided to our back up dinner plans would be the Falafel Drive In across the freeway from the mall. Yummy! The best falafels!! We ate outside in the cold (we didn't have to, but we didn't mind). That's how good this place is. If you are ever in San Jose, look it up.

Thanks for looking!


Savitri said...

THIS is why we don't go out on V-Day unless we have reservations. Just way too many ppl.

Your card is uberly cute!!! Love it!

Lisa Brown said...

So cute, Anthonette!

Yani said...

Hi Anthonette,

Isn't it a nice template? LOL! What a gorgeous card you did! Loved the papers you used.

Angie Tieman said...

These are toooo adorable!! Just seeing them made me start smiling, so fun!