Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple Tag Using An Instagram Photo

I love Instagram! It's got to be my favorite app on my iPhone.

Last month, Kalino went to a birthday party for Lillie, my friend Nadja's daughter. A while back, Nadja posted an awesome photo of Lillie dressed as an Jedi. I love girls that love Star Wars. I loved the photo so much, I used it to make the tag for her gift bag. I love that Nadja has a chalkboard wall in her house. I didn't add "Jedi" and the arrow, that was on their wall. I wish I had a chalkboard wall. So cool!

I used the editing tools in Picasa to add the Happy Birthday text. Before I could add any text, I had to "erase" their light switches in the photo because it was right where I wanted to put the happy birthday sentiment. I downloaded a free Star Wars font. I glued the photo onto a plain shipping tag and I was done. Very simple! Thanks for stopping by.

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~amy~ said...

What an awesome tag!