Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photos From the CHA Super Show

I've been wanting to upload these pictures all week and here it's almost Friday. My non-crafting life is a little too busy.

I had the best 2 days at the CHA Super Show! I didn't go to see products, I went to see people...very talented and sweet people! I didn't get photos of everyone; I was too excited talking to people. Here's a list to match names with faces:

1. Simone from Clear and Simple Stamps
2. Kelly Marie & Courtney doing a make-n-take
3. Carol Duvall! I didn't meet her, but it was a thrill just to see her.
4. Karen Giron & Tina Fussell
7. Maile Belles, me, and TinaFussell
9. Me, Sankari, & Tina
11. Me & Amy Tsurata
13. Amy & Tina
14. Tina in the Clear & Simple booth

Let me give you the back story as to why I was there. Back in December, Tina (Travelingmama) tweeted that she was coming to California for CHA. I replied that I would definitely have to consider attending. When else would I get a chance to meet her? She lived in Morocco up until December and is in the US visiting family until they move to Denmark in the Spring. It was an easy decision to make. Thanks Tina making the trip! I don't think I would've made the effort to attend otherwise. I also got to meet her beautiful mom and sister.

I loved Ashley Cannon Newell's spontaneity. From one day to the next, she booked her trip to CA. We drove together from the Orange County airport to Anaheim. We actually met in the ladies room in the airport...funny!

On Saturday I had a great lunch with Tina and Sankari. Loved these ladies!

I also got to meet Tiffany Johnson, Charlene Austin, Stephanie Day, Carly Robertson, Beate Johns, Tenia Nelson, Taylor VanBruggen, Karen Motz, Ashley Nguyen Newell, Latisha Yoast, Nancy Grant, Daniela Costa, Paper Crafts magazine editorial staff, and if I left someone off the list please forgive me. (Edited to Add: I forgot to mention Ivy on this list. I met her when I met Amy.)

If you would like any of these individual pictures, let me know. I'd be happy to email it to you. Have a good one!


Mrs. Nancy G said...

So cool to get to meet all these fun artists...including you!!!


Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

Anthonette!!!! What FABULOUS photos. I SO wish I Could've been there... although my spontaneity would've included a 17hr flight!!! BUT... it SO would've been worth it. ONE DAY... ONE DAY... I'll come on over for a visit!!!...

xx Sarah

~amy~ said...

Anthonette!!!!! What a neat way to post your pics!!!! I'm sooo thrilled that I got to meet couldn't be any sweeter!!!

Basement Stamper said...

Great collection of photos.

Amy Sheffer said...

Great pictures! I am SOOOOO wishing we'd had a chance to meet!!

Lisa Brown said...

oh my goodness! what fun you must have had with these ladies! My computer crashed this week and I have been out of the "loop"! thanks for sharing! Hugs, Lisa

Angie Tieman said...

Looks like a great time!

ivy said...

nice to have met you through amy! you are so sweet! TFS all the pics!

Nicki (CSS) said...

Fab photos Anthonette! It was great to meet you - time went by way too fast, it all seems like a blur :) Love the collage, very cool to see everyone all together like this.

Latisha said...

Aw, our meeting was brief but it was so nice to meet you!