Saturday, November 15, 2008

Please Vote!

My husband is super creative and a super techie guy. He entered Kalino's Halloween costume in a contest on Instructables. You have until Nov 16th to vote for it. Kalino was Iron Man. We bought a costume at Target and then Enrique added a bunch of techie features (LEDs to the eyes, a light on the chest, a light on the palm, an air repulsor on the hand, and air missile on the hand). I posted pictures of it on my blog.

1. Click

2. Scroll down until you start to see all the entries.
3. Kalino is on the first page. The title of the entry is "Iron Man Suit with Tech" (by moya.edge).
4) Click on the Vote button.



Erum Tasneem said...

do i have sign up to vote? cuz i didnt see any VOTE sign :(

Anonymous said...

WOW that is some kind of costume!! What fun, and something Kalino will never forget!!! Big cheers for Enrique!
Love Keesh x